New Member Recruitment Drive

We are excited to announce our new member recruitment drive for the 2017/18 season.  We are aiming to grow the club significantly over the next 3 years.  Our two offers are set out below.
Building on the back of the huge success of the new pitch we are also planning to improve our coaching offering.  We hope you have already seen the adverts on Facebook and Twitter for our new, full time, coaching role as Club Coach.  We are also looking to recruit a Director of Hockey (advert going live shortly).  This is on top of the existing roles of Mens 1st team coach and Ladies 1st team coach roles. Peter Dobson has confirmed he is prepared to continue as Mens 1st team coach with the aim of securing promotion back into the National League, while the Ladies 1st team coach role is currently being advertised with interviews starting next week.  The closing date for applications for the club coach and ladies coach is 9th June.  Please do pass these on to anyone you think might be interested in applying for these roles.
Referral Offer
We are increasing our member referral bonus from £40 match fee credit to £80. That’s 8 free games for asking a mate to play hockey with you!
The above offer is reduced for part season and reduced subscription rates (e.g. student).  The match fee credit is applied to future games once membership payments are fully up to date by both parties, and only applicable to the existing member.
Membership Fees
On top of the referral incentive, for brand new members we will continue to offer a first season discount, which works out to a 33% discount.  We are therefore offering new adult memberships for £160 and a student rate of £100.
This year, as well as the above offers, we are putting a real focus on bringing in new players just out of university to build the future of the club.  We are therefore keen to ensure this offer is publicised in as many universities as possible.  If you have a good link back to your university, please let Katie know ( so that we can help you build a link or reach out to a contact at the University directly.

If you have just seen your University friends over the bank holiday, please do let them know about our offer and encourage them to join one of the most sociable hockey clubs in London.

Don't forget  to invite your friends and colleagues to join in with our current summer league  and our back to hockey programme which will be starting soon, as a friendly way to try the club out.